This actually happened today. I'm too used to making one-cup-at-a-time at college, methinks.

(PS, sorry for being crappy at keeping up with this place. I MIGHT START POSTING REALLY TERRIBLE 5-MINUTE DOODLECOMICS TO TRY AND DRAW/POST MORE)
Toaster surprise!

Woah uh sorry guys

So um. I dunno, I've been kinda crazy busy in an unexpected way lately.

I'm working at a haunted house/trail thing. So.
(Although by working I mean 'I've volunteered and if I stick around long enough they should pay me')

Thursday was a practice run thing, then yesterday was a real one (I was a zombie, I crawlz out of graves), I got a couple good bruises but was pretty okay. Then tonight I had to fill in for the person that comes out of a fake well, and the first time I did it but for the rest of the night I came out from the side and crawled/chased/fell after them, and got seeeeriously bruised and cut up, but also got some awesome scares.

Erik and noir


Oh right. Sometimes I write stuff. I forgot I did that, then I go and randomly write something.

Uh, if you have any problem with torture then This Is Not For You.

For clarification, Curio isn't me, although he kind of accidentally shares my INTERNETS NAME. He's a Welshman from the 2200s, although that's not really important to the micro-story. What IS important to the snippet is that he sort of kind of might be a little evil and was sort of kind of forced to torture someone (two people actually). He's also pretty young, but he was shot in the knee in relation to one of these torturing things, hence the cane. And he was already pretty neurotic before that point.
...I think that's all the background you really need to know to read it. Ask if anything else is confusing?
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So uh. Yeah.
Pictionary is really fun when no one can guess what the other person is drawing.
Toaster surprise!

Dum dummm

This whole keeping-a-journal thing is still pretty wicked weird for me, but I'm trying my best alright.
It's just most of the time I don't know really what I'm supposed to be talking about. Entertaining little things sometimes end up in tweets, but most of my day consists of thinking of stuff while I do other stuff, which doesn't seem very interesting to other people to me.

Although yesterday was kind of awesome! I hung out with the friend people I've made. One of them is a cosplayer it turns out, and we watched a skit she was in, then the skit we did last year for A USA. They were impressed by it and keep saying we should do a skit, considering they're planning a trip to the convention all together. So that's neat. OH AND YOU GUYS HAVE TO CHECK OUT JESUS CHRIST: VAMPIRE HUNTER BECAUSE IT'S THE BEST MOVIE EVER.
Also we went to Ihop. And I acted like I was a T Rex.

AND I'M ALSO STILL WICKED SORE FROM CARRYING THINGS BIGGER THEN ME ON TUESDAY WHAT'S WITH THAT. It actually put bruises on my hands because it was digging it at such a sharp angle. I like to think I got a little respect for carrying them all without asking for help even though I had to put it down and it took longer then the average person.

I've also spent a good part of the week going back to my childhood. Like, yesterday, I watched the Brave Little Toaster. What a great movie. Am I the only one who thinks that the Toaster makes the best expressions ever?
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Hmm, what else.

OH OH OH I've finally started doing an annotated version of House of leaves to trade with a friend. I'm only on the 5th page of re-reading it and man, I've already dug out so many questions. What's got me the most intrigued at the moment is if Johnny Truant is writing the introduction after he wrote the rest of the notes in the book because (oh gosh spoiler but it's not like anyone on my friends list probably will read it, so?) it's rather obvious that he goes crazy and maybe is dead by the end of the book's footnotes. At the very least, he didn't seem coherent enough to write that kind of introduction. [/spoilers] So I've been examining every little detail in it like crazy. I also found it pretty interesting that Zampano's name DOES mean something in a random language I found (Specifically, 'Am' in... Catalan. And I just realized that might signify where he was stationed with the French thing people always refer to.), which makes me wonder if he's got a different role in the book then I previously thought. At the very least, now I'm gonna double-check every name in that language to see if it's got a different meaning.
And on the book notion, I saw Darkly Dreaming Dexter on sale at K Mart for 5 bucks when I had to get some new shoelaces, and I bought that shit fast. Finally getting to read it, yesss.

Aaand... That's all I can think of for the moment. This journal is increasingly bizarre to read, I feel.


Good lords it's been a busy week. UM BUT THANKS TO THE PEOPLE WHO WISHED ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND STUFF. I got way too many of those to answer them individually. And thanks for chillin' out out with me, Suzanne who I'm pretty sure I've just spelt the name wrong of.

UH MY BIRTHDAY WAS OKAY I GUESS. I was really sick and had a shitton of homework to do and got like three hours of sleep that night. And I got like one present. And spent most of that day getting ready and driving back to school.

...But I did get a thing of plastic dinosaurs! And a CURIONARWAL like it even has a mark in the right place like his scar, it's freaky-deaky. Now I just need a Harp Seal and a Octopus.

...Uh, but like I said, busy week. Most of it was spent feeling very sick and/or coughing and/or doing homework and/or not wanting to do said homework, but it ended on a pretty awesome note come Friday. This is because CAFETERIA BOY who is this guy who works in our cafeteria who is a Pretty Cool Guy and thinks my headphones and trenchcoat are cool re-appeared and we've become sort-of friends. Or at least have a running joke about tongs.
Oh and also I made a group of actual friends but that's entirely beside the point and all.

(Though I gotta say, it's pretty weird. Apparently I've met/know them all somehow when I thought I didn't know anyone. Then they all kind of ambushed me at dinner and BAM I'm playing videogames for 5 hours and got a free sandwich and friends. They think I dress awesomely weird which I think is weird because I haven't been dressing weird. At least I thought I wasn't. Anyways.)

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Okay, wow, I am tired. What's with this? Okay, right, I had a point with this. Something about wanting to learn Welsh, which I might totally try and go out and actually buy a book and try to learn because, uh, I really like the language.
Oh, and also have this link about Nineteenth Century Albinos.
I AM a goddamn shark!

Topic unrelated

Is anyone else going home for Labor Day weekend? It's my birthday on monday and it'd be kind of neat to have friends to celebrate it with.
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Erik and noir


Yeah, I totally did.

Good going, self, you mess up everything.

Uh, well.

Dammit I don't even remember the last time I updated this thing.

College is cool? I mean, it isn't horrible. Me and my roommate are both being terrible at making friends and spending most of our days in the room. Which is cool, 'coz that's what I usually do. The techies at the school are awesome though, they had a BBQ-food-thing at one of the senior techies houses, and invited all the freshman techies, and I was the only one to show up. I won points. Lots of delicious points. Hopefully I can trade them for a stuffed animal at some point.

Classes-wise, I have Acting, Stage Craft, Theater Drawing (Which is really just Drawing 101 with a fancy name), Psychology, and this thing called QEP that everyone has to do. Then I also have Work Study, which is just in the shop so it's pretty awesome. I've already got bruises! How cool is that!
Acting is about the only class I don't like so far. I have terrrrriible stage fright/am terrified of people/am like a crazy misanthrope, in case you people didn't know (Protip: If you didn't know that, I'd be worried).

I've made surprising progress on my weird personal wiki thing I keep, mostly in the realm of the Cyber universe, which has finally gotten a name for it's main continent, and LORDIES THAT FEMALE PROTAGONIST HAS A NAME. Finally. I dunno what took me so long with that. Soon I'll be naming everything, and gods then what'll I do? Grfwi is an extremely fun name to say though. And showing how inconsistently I keep that thing updated, Samm and Vaan don't even have pages.

That's all I can think of? GAIZ I MADE IT TO COLEGE I'M SMERT

And sleep deprived. This post is far too ridiculous.


Cosplay stuff


Basically I'm not sure if I'm doing any of the cosplays I said I'd be doing for Otakon.
I know, that makes me terrible? I mean, I feel kind of bad for it too because I've halfway gotten all the material for Austria and Lloyd, and was really looking forwards to Naoto, but lemme try to explain.

When College hits in august I'm not entirely sure how much I'll be, well, busy. I mean, it's college with two Ls, and while my major apparently has a lot less classes then most, since I'm doing theater stuff, if I'm busy, I won't be busy typing papers in my dorm room, I'll be busy painting something in the shop.

Anyways, given this possible and imminent total lack of time to do stuff, I really wanna try and get done a steampunk costume idea I've had for ages. This might seem kind of weird, since not getting done three costumes I could wear for a while when busy at school seems really weird for all you crazy cosplayers I call friends, but I'd honestly rather wear one really cool steampunk costume I could constantly have around to fidgit and mess with and add onto then three I can't really do anything with but wear.

I've really been wanting to do a hardcore steampunk thing (Not just the gasmasks) for a really long while. Now, other costumes are taking second base to it.

I'll post updates and stuff on it! It'll be neat, really. I'm doing the gun first.

Also what? This week is like Death Week. Billy Mays is dead. Someone's got a death note or something.